As I stand here on the shoulders of giants, I give my deepest thanks and appreciation. None of this would have been possible without the work and effort of countless individuals. No community compares to the Open Source community in my eyes.

Development Stack

assets-webpack-plugin autoprefixer Babel Chromium
clean-css colur css-loader ctr
del ESLint eslint expose-loader
file-loader fs-extra GIMP git
glob-all gulp-clean gulp-exit gulp-filter
gulp-html-replace gulp-notify gulp-rev-replace gulp-rev
gulp-util gulp-watch Gulp html-minifier
imagemin Inkscape iron-node jsdom
json-loader Linux Mint KDE markdown-it MkDocs
Mocha Node.js npm-run-all npm
offline-plugin Oh My ZSH! Pithos require-dir
rev-replace-loader run-sequence Should.js SimpleScreenRecorder
style-loader Stylus Sublime Text webpack

Runtime Stack

Asynquence become clipboard.js
CodeMirror ctr domurl fg-loadcss
Font Awesome Jquery js-yaml Lodash
lunr.js mark.js Normalize.css Pjax
Preact scroll-js Scrollspy.js Serverless
Smooth Scroll Polyfill Store.js Stylus Typographic